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Originally Posted by ADV.1 Matt View Post
This forum is littered with bad experiences? Do tell. We have horrible customer service? ...360 Forged? Four years on and we still don't have anything better to talk about? Can't wait for us going out of business from "scamming customers"? We doubled our sales volume in the last year and we operate 100% on profit so I hate to disappoint that it won't be happening any time soon...As far as everyone else still claiming our product is crap... you know the product that is certified to be of the same quality as all of the wheels you're touting to be superior... most of which have no first hand experience with our company or our product there isn't anything more I can do to change your mind. We are creating wheels in accordance with the quality benchmark (TUV) you set. I'm not sure what else we can do to please you.
It seems like you're grasping for a number of people here, so I'm unsure if any of this is directed towards me. I understand your product has had quality issues in the past, notably as 360, but in fairness it's been a while since I personally remember reading about poor quality. I think ADV has some of the best looking wheels out there and it's a shame I don't have more confidence in transacting with you, because I am sure the quality is vastly improved now (i.e. not "crap"). I think everyone (well ok not everyone) on this forum is reasonable enough to know that mistakes happen. A lot of the people with the funds to buy an M3 on this forum have been in a high enough position to have experience remedying customer issues. Like I've said before, I hope you guys can change my mind. You'll have to change minds if you want sales to keep doubling sustainably.

Now, this all said, yes, this site is littered with bad experiences. And, all of that litter is coming out of ADV's mouth. Representation of the company is the bad experience. Whether people have purchased from you or not, forum members are experiencing firsthand ADV every time they read a thread like this. I have to imagine someone of power at ADV is thinking this too, but maybe not outwardly. I've seen you guys unprofessionally argue with customers for a long time; it's like there's no learning curve. I still remember Jordan bashing a forum member on L4P. That was the most ludicrous display of inexcusable unprofessionalism I've ever seen in my short life. The forum revolted. Maybe that was due to the stress of 360 failing, but what's the excuse now? It wasn't that long ago you posted an e-mail from Jordan, in this thread I believe, that showed little emotional and intellectual progress. If you think that will be quickly forgotten you're sadly mistaken. I don't think your company is beyond salvation, but you're not doing yourselves any favors.

I'm amazed you are "...not sure what else we can do to please you." because its right in front of you, thread after thread. I'm not talking about pretty pictures of sweet cars (do you really think posting 40 M3s with your rims will make us forget, by the way?). I'm talking about the people behind them. It's representation and the perception of trust. You'll have to earn that again by swallowing your pride and going out of your way to make sure experiences are top notch. And, you need to looking humble while doing this (your website just shoots you in the foot, both of them). Maybe additional warranty, or loyalty incentives, or simply acting more professionally will help. Look, if any of us here have ever been caught lying to a girlfriend or wife, which is probably more of us than we'd care to admit, then we know what it's like to regain trust and be forgiven. M3 Post is your girlfriend, ADV1.Matt, so give us some flowers (), and maybe we'll remember what it's like to be in the doghouse, and forgive ADV. If Kobe can do it, then it should be easy for you.

It's funny, I've read a lot of posts over the years, and I've not ONCE seen the guys at IND act poorly, even when mistakes have happened. There are more threads and posts praising them than bashing you. Respeck.

Lord, you should be paying me for this consultation.