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What an awesome day it was yesterday! As usual, BMW put on a good show.

Saw a few M3s in the carpark....anyone from here?

Managed to get a couple of hot laps in the M3 sedan too. Loved it!

I thought the 328i was fantastic on the track. That is where you appreciate the TP turbo. The gearbox is great, pretty quick changes and the awesome rev matching downshifts. Coming out of corners, there is power when you want it & you've also got that turbo whistle to match

186km/h in the 328i down the straight at EC, where as the M3 was doing 210-215km/h. Interesting, considering I've had a E92 335i M sport down there at just over 200km/h too.

So put that all in perspective, it's not bad at all from a stock 2.0L 4 cyl Turbo

The F30 335i was great too. Drove a Modern Line and Sport Line on the skid pan a few times but you can definitely feel it's weight through the corners compared to a 328i. But as you'd expect from a 6 cylinder, bit more torque and a lot smoother. The F30 is alot more composed than the E90. The track has been increased and that's a good thing because it looks tougher too.

If you thought the E90 was good, this is better in every aspect and that's what I expect from a new release.

My pick of the bunch - the 328i ....and at 65K + onroads, it's pretty good value for money too

M Sport is coming out later on in the year and they are bringing back Estoril Blue!