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Originally Posted by jai5w4 View Post

Thanks for the photos and information. Is the 335 azurite as well? And can carbon black be ordered on the e92?
Yes, the 335 is Azurite, I got the pic from the owner's thread (I forgot the member's name though...)

Whether or not a specific Individual color can be ordered will depend on BMW AG (BMW HQ). Apparently, they will only do a maximum of a certain number in a certain color per year, or something like that.

So I (had originally) put in a request for Midnight Blue to BMW Canada. You have to go through BMW [insert your country], who will then talk to BMW Munich. And wait a few days/ couple of weeks to get the answer. I got the answer a few days later, but then I decided to go with Azurite because I could get a package deal with Individual Trim and Shadowline for less than just the paint color alone if I went with Midnight Blue.

p.s. I remember I also had more luck searching for pics using the German words for what I was looking for. Which I guess makes sense since Individual is not normally offered in the US.

So for instance:
Azuritschwarz metallic (Azurite Black)
BMW Individual erweiterte Lederausstattung Novillo Oxydbraun/Schwarz (Rust Brown)

The UK also has a number of Azurite E92s that I have seen in my searches...
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