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Originally Posted by ILC32 View Post
I think it is very doubtful the M3 motor is underrated. The twin turbo in the 335 is a different story. I beleive it IS underrated because it encroaches on M3 performance as it is. There is no reason to underrate the M3 motor, because it is supposed to be M's response to the RS4, C63, etc. To underrate it would only hurt its marketing against those cars.

Whether the HP deficit of the M outweighs (pun intended) its advantages vis a vis the competition (which I have been concerned about for quite a while, as I have said here and elsewhere) still remains to be seen.

One thing that I have been thinking about is Steved's description of the M presentation at the press event. He said it was all about efficient dynamics, IIRC. That focus may indicate BMW knows the M3 will not meet certain performance metrics of some competitors (not only HP but also straight line accelleration, possibly even handling), so they want to emphasize the other qualities of the car. But who will buy the M3 because it is more efficient than the competitors (whatever that means) if the performance of the car is lacking in comparison?

I hope my speculation is not right.
Interesting points. +1 I dont think it is underrated....