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More than a fair price?

Relatively new to this forum and in all honestly I belong over on the 335 side, but I bought my car a few months ago with the intention of upgrading to an M3 at somepoint. The ultimate goal is to take ED in the Spring of 2013 but finances/personal reasons may make waiting that long a bit difficult

So, I casually test drove a '11 Space Gray sedan yesterday at a local dealership that they had taken in on trade. The thing is loaded to the gills and has 8k miles - even has ZCP, which I've found is somewhat rare up in my neck of the woods. I had no intentions of buying whatsoever but ended up talking numbers with the associate after the drive and they showed some willingness to come down from the $47k they showed me for the M3 plus trade in on my 335xi (335xi is 2008, 50k miles, loaded except for the 17" factory wheels, and is CPO)

Did some research last night and based on what I've found in a short time frame (and at the insistance of the dealer, who keeps leaving me vm's wanting to know what my price is) I'm inclined to throw out low $30's just to see his reaction (this would be post tax, "fees," etc). I know I can get them to mid/high 30's, just interested to see how low they'll go

IF, in the unlikely event the dealer comes back with a modicum of interest, how crazy is it to pass up on a deal like this? Based on the math I'm running, I feel like it's a steal but could be totally wrong

Probably shouldn't have driven the car knowing that this is all I'll be thinking about for the next few weeks