Thread: M3 or 335i???
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M3 or 335i???


Traded my GT-R for a 2012 M3 Coupe. Interlagos Blue with a black/beige interior. 6 speed manual. Comp package.

Seems like most people have gone from an M3 to a GT-R. I'm probably one of the few (only) to go opposite of this.

Quick story: 2 years ago, I was looking for a V8, NA sedan. Choices, not surprisingly, came down to the M3 and the C63. I ended up with the C63, but could not get the M3 out of my mind. Somewhere in between there, I added the GT-R. Still have the C63 Sedan, and now a beaut of an M3 Coupe. The M3 will see DD duties.

Really liked the GT-R, and will very likely get another one day. But for now, I do love NA V8's.

A few pics in dimming light.

Really enjoying the car so far. Has more torque down low than people say. Refined and sporting.