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This forum is littered with bad experiences? Do tell. We have horrible customer service? First i'm hearing of it. Our wheels are expensive? Yes - some are - others can be had around the 4k mark from a dealer which for a fully forged custom wheel is no worse than anything else on the market from any other manufacture. 360 Forged? Four years on and we still don't have anything better to talk about? Can't wait for us going out of business from "scamming customers"? We doubled our sales volume in the last year and we operate 100% on profit so I hate to disappoint that it won't be happening any time soon.

Trevor - it sounds like you had legitimate issues and it also sounds like we worked with your father to resolve them in a timely manner refinishing the wheels. What was resolved of this? If you or your father wasn't properly taken care of and feel that the product wasn't up to your expectations we'll take care of it right now. I can say we've had issues with our shipping in the early days (so i'm not surprised to see this was an issue) and have revamped this part of our operation from the ground up to avoid issues in the future.

But please do not confuse a manufacture or shipping defect as bad customer service. They are unrelated. From what you're stating we worked with your father to try and resolve the situation in a timely manner. We never claimed to be perfect - but when we're not we stand by our product and bend over backwards to make things right for you. Trevor - email me if your father still has any issues/concerns so I can set things right.

As far as everyone else still claiming our product is crap... you know the product that is certified to be of the same quality as all of the wheels you're touting to be superior... most of which have no first hand experience with our company or our product there isn't anything more I can do to change your mind. We are creating wheels in accordance with the quality benchmark (TUV) you set. I'm not sure what else we can do to please you.