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Originally Posted by urBan_dK View Post
Doesn't matter ultimately what they sell the new car is. All that matters is the difference between the trade-in value and the purchase price. They could give you an awesome price on the purchase but screw you on the trade-in. Only consider the differential and not the absolute numbers.
You are correct. I've considered the above and their ballpark numbers for my current vehicle were on par with what was suggesting that I should expect. Ultimately, just as you said, I'll have to see what the numbers would work out to.

Originally Posted by kthxbye View Post
I'm picking up a nearly identical car tonight, the only differences are:

20,000 Miles vs: ~10,000 Miles
Black Interior vs: Fox Red
DCT vs: 6 Speed
Not sure if yours is CPO, but mine is so thats the remainders of the factory 4yr 50,000 mile + an additional 2 years up until 100,000 miles.

My price is $58,000 - the dealer was asking ~$65,000
Congrats! Sounds like an awesome car. The one I am looking at is not CPO'd, but I would probably end up getting the extended maintenance and warranty in the future. I'm kicking myself for not getting it for my E46. Out of curiosity, if you dont mind me asking, are you financing through the dealer or your own bank/credit union? My credit union is offering me 2.99% right now and it seems like a pretty legit rate.