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Originally Posted by nick3753 View Post
Never mind, brain fart, you meant your 06 does not have nav and zcp. Sorry. Sounds like a reasonable deal, but always try to do better.
Quite alright. You're absolutely correct, I will try to work a better deal. I already am pre-approved through my credit union and I figure if I show up with cash in hand (well check, actually), then they would be more likely to work with me.

Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Seems pretty high to me. A brand new one would be just $5K more MSRP, and it would be equal in price (via discounts) to a brand new one from one of the trusted forum sponsors.
That's exactly where my head is right now, so im in hopes that playing that angle will help. I could easily go to my local dealership in VA and order one and not pay much of a difference. I suppose we will see what happens when i get there.