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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
anything happen after the final commercial? Like after they put the guy back in the car.
you didn't miss anything....they just showed a quick preview of next week's episode

Originally Posted by shazzy04 View Post
anyone have an idea if theres anything significant to the person/walker walking that shane notices in the prairie?

I wonder if its just a walker, or if it may be a walker making its way to the farm.

i wondered that as well...but i'm thinking its more of just a mental reminder that although they're out in the country and things seem fairly quiet for the time being....the Walkers are still out there!

i know folks last week were wanting more walker action...and we certainly got it with this episode. one of my favorite parts was when Rick had those two dead walkers lying on top of him with the 3rd one piled on top...and he just blasted his way through the first one's head to kill the top one...AWESOME!!