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Originally Posted by sambonator View Post
Where'd you get 4850 lbs? I got 3800 lbs.

Its a 6.2 Liter V8 engine, Normally aspirated, making 451 hp and 443 lb-ft torque. DAYUM!
Kerb weight acc. to EC kg: 1730

Perm. gross vehicle weight kg: 2200

Not sure what "Perm. gross vehicle weight" is, but that was what I went off of. It seemed pretty heavy to me too, but not crazy considering the heft of all MB's.

One thing I'm curious about though is why MB would de-tune the motor. This is the same motor used in the E63, CLS63 etc. In those cars it's making 507hp and 465tq, why de-tune it? I can understand they dont want it to be that much faster than their more expensive models, but why not? If I worked for MB I'd do it and just put the M3 to shame. This does mean that whatever MB did to cut the power, could be reversed pretty easily to get the full power potential. :rocks:

Hopefully MB didn't do something stupid like lowering the compression ratio to reduce the power, then you'de be f*cked, but if it's just ECU tuning and uber restrictive exhaust and other bolt-ons, then this car would own the M3.