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Originally Posted by calintexas View Post
On Monday,
1. Check with the Discount Tire that installed your tires. Find out if there was any way they could have installed any tires but yours (ie: some others that they had in stock).
Once you've confirmed that your tires were installed:
2. Check with the local tire shop that received the tires from Tire Rack. Ask if they had any other PSS tires on hand other than yours.
Once you've confirmed that the tires on your car are the ones that were shipped from Tire Rack to the extent that you can determine:
3. Call Tire Rack and tell your story.

I recall that tires are tracked by serial number. It's possible Tire Rack will have a record of what you were sent. It's equally possible that someone else got your tires due to a shipping mix up (either by Tire Rack or the shipper) leaving the paper trail correct, but the tires wrong. I'd be extremely surprised if Tire Rack didn't take care of you provided that you can confirm that your tire shop received the wrong tires.
That's what I plan to do, but I'll have to drive it tomorrow. Can the rubbing mess up the car at all, or will it just mess up the tires?