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Help! Someone screwed up, but not sure who.

Problem: The tires that are on my car are not the ones I ordered, and are rubbing.

What happened: I ordered, from TireRack, 245/35R19 Pilot Super Sports for the front, and 265/35R19 Pilot Super Sports for the rear. They were delivered to a local autoshop that said they could install the tires. The local tireshop received the tires, but told me they actually did not have the equipment to install 19 inch tires. He recommended I go to Discount Tire. I took his advice - I went by his shop, picked up the tires, and took them to Discount Tire. When I picked up the tires I looked at the invoice for the tires - it was correct. I'm not sure I checked the actual tires though. Anyway, the tires waited at Discount Tire for my wheels to come in (about a week). The wheels came in, and on Friday I had the wheels and tires installed. I noticed today (Sunday, 2 days later) that the tires were rubbing. I checked the tires, and they are actually 275/35R19 tires! However, I'm not sure whose fault it is - I *think* it was TireRack, but can't confirm. It's also possible Discount Tire put the wrong tires on. Discount Tire is closed on Sunday's, so I can't call.

A.) Any advice?
B.) Think it's ok to drive for a couple days with tires rubbing?