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I am out of the running or maybe I was never in the running . OP has failed to get in touch with me for two days and I have had those two days to think about this. For what it is I think the price is high considering you will need new front pads and not knowing how much life is left in the rotors it may be better off purchase a new set in the color I want anyhow. If I had have purchased these I would have repainted them to begin with.

I wish the OP the best on selling these. The color is definatly not the color of my choice but it will be for someone out there.

I think I offended the OP with my offer price and that may be why I am not getting any replies anymore. If I offended you in any way I am SORRY but we are all allowed to make offers on what we think something is worth. If you had have PM'd me back we may have been able to work something out.
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