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I'm going to be the sole dissenter here. I like the way the car rides and handles on PS2's better.

I have a stock M3 sedan with approximately -1.5 negative camber all around and 1/16th toe in front.
PSS on RAC Monolites 18" 245/40R18 front 265/40R18 rear
PS2 on OEM 18" with OEM sizes, 245/40R18 front 265/40R18 rear

More grip wet and dry
Longer wear (looks like it's going to last 20-30% longer)
Car feels "bound up." Requires about 75% throttle to break the car loose in 2nd gear turns.
Harsher impacts on broken pavement and potholes.

Less grip wet and dry
Faster wear
Car is more neutral and breaks away with about 50% throttle in 2nd gear turns.
Smoother ride with less crashing noises over bumps.

I think the PSS may be a better for people with stiffer (aftermarket or ZCP) suspension. To me, the PSS is a bit too grippy for the shocks/springs on a standard, stock M3 causing additional body roll. The car is more playful on PS2's, IMO.

The difference is not huge but I will probably burn up my PS2's before I go back to the PSS's (I have several sets of wheels/tires in the garage). For the money, I'd probably go with the PSS's since the OEM PS2's are ridiculously priced.
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