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You are probably right Moxie

I am going to change this up one more time with the OP and then I am done. I have not heard back from him in a little over a day now since I have been messaging him yet I know he is looking at this thread. I understand and respect that there is a set price he would like to get for this kit. I too sold a lot of item on my presious E90 last year and I got no where near what I wanted. I held on to some of them trying to get more and end the end I got even less. I have no doubt OP will get what he is wanting but how long will it take to get it is the question. These may sell at his asking price today or he may sit on them for a month. You never really know what will happen out here. If OP does not sell these to me I can at least thank him as I will have saved spending this money at this time. Probably with the economy the way it is we should all be saving our money .

From what I have learned on these forums is that we are all cheap (including me) and do not pay premium prices for used parts.

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