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Group Buy: Performance Friction 01 and 06 Brake Pads

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Originally Posted by monochrom3 View Post
EDIT 3/1: Good news! HelmetHead will honor the group buy price at our current level of 20 participants, so all we need is everyone to get payments in, and then our group buy order will be sent. So, let's get those payments in!

Also, we will continue to add participants until we get everyone paid in, so it's not to late to get in, thanks everyone!


EDIT 2/22: e9X added

EDIT 2/18: Due to demand, we are including Z-rated pads as well. See below for stock M3 pricing, but email for pricing on other setups.

EDIT 2/17: Updated to include e30 M3

Here it is, group buy for Performance Friction track pads! We're going to do this for compound 01 and 06. We looked into Z-rated pads, but can't do those at this time, and are sticking with the race compounds. Here is info from PFC's website on the two compounds:

How the group buy will work:
  • The list below is for M3 chassis, however since we can't list every possible pad shape and if you are looking for pads for a particular aftermarket caliper/bbk setup, email to get a price quote for the group buy. If you like the price, they will let me know, and we'll add you to the group buy list on this thread.
  • Pads must be purchased as a set (ie 2 axels, 4 corners).
  • We were originally looking at two discount levels, but will be going with one... This means we have to hit the 25 order level to get the prices below, note that prices include shipping (to the lower 48). For reference, these prices are over $50 off MSRP and then free shipping.
  • We will close the group buy Thursday 2/29. If we hit the 25 set level before then, we will put in the order at that time, but continue the group buy until 2/29.
  • NOTE: Texas residents must apply sales tax
Group buy prices for 01 or 06 pads (all 4 corners), again shipping is included:
  • Stock e30 M3: $465, includes part numbers 0395.XX.20.44 (front) and 0396.XX.17.44 (rear) (XX indicates pad and compund number)
  • Stock e36 M3: $465, includes part numbers 0394.XX.20.44 (front) & 0396.XX.17.44 (rear) (XX indicates pad compound number)
  • Stock e46 M3 (including ZCP): $465, includes part numbers 0394.XX.20.44 (front) & 0548.XX.16.44 (rear) (XX indicates pad compound number)
  • Stock e9X: $420, includes part numbers 0918.XX.19.44 (front) & 0919.XX.17.44 (rear)

List below is for Z-Rated Pads (all 4 corners), shipping is included:
  • Stock e46 M3 (including ZCP): $180, includes part numbers 0394.10.20.44 (front) and 0548.10.16.44 (rear)

If you're "in", please list:
  • your user name
  • vehicle chassis
  • pad choice (01 or 06)
  • payments should be made via PayPal to
  • If requesting aftermarket caliper pads, please be sure to include make and model of caliper and desired pad thickness.
If we get a significant volume for a particular aftermarket caliper setup, we will post those prices here too. I run 06 on my personal setup (ST60 / ST40), and love them. I'm currently on my second set and ordering another with this group buy. Spread the word, so we can get the 25 set level!

Updated List:
1. monochrom3 in for 06's for ST60/ST40 setup, 7793.06.18.44 & 0447.06.17.44 PAID
2. mrenshaw, 98 E36 M3, 06 compound (front and rear), OEM calipers PAID
3. Steelgray3, E46 M3(non-ZCP), 06 compound PAID
4. Cal M3, E46 M3, 01 compound, Brembo F40/lotus 4-pot BBK (D810, D592)
5. abad46, E46 M3, 01 compound, Brembo F40/lotus 4-pot BBK (D810, D592)
6. PerkM3, E46 M3, 01 compound
7. FCBuff, E46 M3 ZCP, PFC 06
8. bimmenatr, e46 (stock calipers, PFC Direct Drive rotors), PFC 06 compound, Front: 394, Rear: 7855
9. NC_e30M3, e30 M3 (stock calipers), PFC 06 compound, Front = 0395.06.20.44, Rear = 0396.06.17.44 PAID
10. Fair Witness, E46 M3 Brembo/PFCDD, PFC 01, Front: 7780.01.18.44, Rear: 7855.01.16.44 PAID
11. CMendez, e46 OEM ZCP, PFC 06s PAID
12. AltF4, e46 OEM ZCP, PFC 06s PAID
13. delirium45, PFC-01, ST-40 calipers [0447.01.17.44] PAID
14. king-rb, E46 M3, Z-Rated PAID
15. MYZCP, E46 M3, Z-Rated PAID
16. SKR, E46 M3, 06
17. SMHM3, e46 330, Z-Rated PAID
18. Victor H., e92, 08
19. pawa k2001, E46 M3, 06
20. LightWerkz PAID
21. FlipM3 PAID

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