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Originally Posted by spdy330 View Post
Not too sure about asking price as we have over 900 hits and they are still for sale. I want them as you know but would be doing a color change perferribly at IND so I need to watch my price.

Just keep in mind when selling something that items are only worth what someone is willing to pay. I am close to OP's price that we worked out just need to see how long he wants to hold on to them.

My main concern was that OP would need to send me the rotors and misc parts and ship the calipers straight to IND so I can get them repainted.

**FruitCake this will also be an eye opener for when you decide to sell yours.
its should have over 1000 hits per day..
and i go though brembo like i go through tires i know a good deal when i see one. obviously you know too otherwise you would not be so adamant in purchasing this set.