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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I would not rely on the blinking light for MDM/DSC intervention. In my experience MDM/DSC can do quick corrections without having the warning light flash in the cluster. It is more active than we might think.

Most of the time you can actually feel the intervention in the car's behavior, like a very slight power drop or a slight tug to one side.

Usually when you get the light to flash, it's a big "whoaaa there" intervention.
It can be really different - if you know the Mosport track, MDM always flashes like crazy for me in Turn 2 after 2nd apex (fast downhill sweeper). With it off I just drift a bit more out towards curb - not even rotation - so pretty pointless intervention. In contrast, in Turn 5B (hairpin exit) it allows decent rotation without intervening and sometimes stops it without blinking. It seems to me that it allows much more slip at lower speeds or has it's own weird logic.

Anyway, I'm still happy it's there.