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Originally Posted by hafnia View Post
Think it will be even more expensive in Denmark(I'm danish, born and raised) - stock 335ci aut. costs 850.000 DKK = 155.000 USD, full optional about 1.2 million DKK = 220.000 USD - no danish M3 prices yet, but wonder how much it's gonna cost. Bloody taxes!!(Happy I'm living in Sweden now - more "humane" car prices here)
Cars are a tad more expensive in Denmark than Norway, and Norway is bad!

I have the pricelist and the M3 starts at NOK 1.365.900, at an exchange on 5.83 NOK pr USD that would be 234.288 USD.
All options included the price is around 1.600.000 NOK or 274.443 USD - that is with full price on all options. If you buy a maxed out car you probably would pay a good deal less than 274K.