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I ended up going with the ground control hybrid plates and I would have to say that the noise is definitely more but not unbearable (maybe). I expected that of course because the hybrid plates use a spherical ball at the top instead of the rubber mount. There is a rubber like pad at the top that separates the spring from the top spring seat and a hard plastic/delrin pad at the bottom between the spring at bottom seat.

All that being said, I'm not sure yet if I'm totally happy. I'm having a bit of an abrupt jarring noise problem when the suspension unloads or rebounds suddenly. I'm fairly certain that it is not that the spring is becoming unseated. I've also ruled out the sway bar end links. I'm thinking that it is a result of the front spring becoming twisted due to normal compressions and/or steering input and at some point of the rebound cycle there is enough of a release in spring pressure at the spring seat that it allows the spring to "relax" which seems like the noise that I'm hearing. I think my next plan is to test out to see if the thrust sheets from swift and/or torrigton bearings from eibach will help.

Will keep you guys posted.

Royce M

P.S. Are you guys from HP Autowerks open tomorrow (Sat)? Do you carry 60mm thrust sheets? Hoping to setup the car up for Cal Speedway this weekend.