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Originally Posted by jasonX View Post
LMAO I need some glasses... and the Pali's were working with the Irgun? I'll go and get you a sight dog.

From the late 30's - 40's the Irgun were responsible for THOUSANDS of Arabs murders through several bombings of marketplaces for example in Jerusalem, Haifa, Jaffa etc, Black Sunday, Damascus Gate, Alhambra & Noga Cinema, Serrani, King David Hotel, Deir Yassin, and I could list tons of others. Yeah, I'm certain the Arabs's were best of buddies while thousands were killed, and 100s of thousands fled the lands in fear or were uprooted by force.

I mean certainly, the ILLEGAL MASS IMMIGRATION of Jews from Europe whom have absolutely no roots to the land migrating to Palestine with the EXPRESSED INTENT to take the land from the Indigenous population wouldn't make them upset though, amirite?

Furthermore, you're despicable for evening attempting to defend the hotel bombing, I'm certain the innocent parties who were killed in that bombing had it coming though right?
Not sure where you get any of your thinking from... its certainly not based in logic or in truth. Pretty easy to see where your coming from here so i dont need to spell it out for anybody else.....

Never said the Arabs, Christians, or Jews in the area were friends you did. Last time i checked the British had control of the area in which you think was somehow pirated away from Arabs by Zionist. The British weren't fond of having Zionist there either, because they knew what freedom was and what was right based on the injustice happening in their respective homes in Europe, they knew Zionist wouldn't stand for it, while the Arabs in the Area had for years. Keep saying the Jews are responisble, last time i checked it was Britain who for all purposes OWNED the land you state was stolen. Looks like you should be pointing the finger somewhere else...

As far as the "terrorism" you think you have found you really need to check your sources and check history. the bombing of King David i went it the history of, you disagreed. Fine. But it doesn't change what actually happened. there are British intelligence reports that corroborate what im saying.... As far as Der Yassin goes its the same situation we have now. Instead of fighting in the Open, these fighters in the middle east prefer to fight and hide in the homes of theirs and others families using them as human shields. I never said it was right but what do you expect? there is a reason the Civil war in America took place on the outskirts of towns and not in the towns, because they didn't want the Innocent to get caught in the crossfire!!!! P.s. who armed the Arabs in Der Yassin, oh wait, the British. I said they Prodded Arabs into civil war and there you go, they were pissed at the Zionist and were going to be sure that if they couldn't get rid of them they were going to cause as many problems as possible on the way out that they could.

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