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Originally Posted by jasonX View Post
Yeah, as it is proven fact that Israel's origins and creation was in large part due to Jewish/Zionist terrorism. The Irgun gang was rolled into the IDF as could be said for the Likud party, you know, the one Bibi heads.

If you want to stake claim that Iran knows no measure, lets take a look at a few events that unconditionally tied to Israeli leadership which highlight their despicable acts.

King David Hotel Bombing, Sabra-Shatila, Deir-Yassin, USS Liberty (most rational people don't buy the BS Story), Lavon Affair (False Flag that fortunately was uncovered - why we still align ourselves after this is insane).

Pot-Meet-Kettle. I'm certain Iran has some blood on their hands through proxies, but these were Israeli boots, and have no plausable deniability.

And speaking of no measure, how about Israel considering the Samson Option where they would Nuke European countries whom were non-actors? I don't recall Iran claiming they would Nuke anyone, nevermind countries whom weren't even involved. Remind me who's more dangerous? Remind me when was the last time Iran has stepped foot onto anyone elses land?

Oh, and in before the "but but but, wipe Israel of the map" that the propaganda machine tries to continuously lie about the translation.
Hind sight is supposed to be 20/20 but id say someone may be in need of some glasses.

The difference first off, is that not all Zionist supported the Irgun, many were content with being under martial law with no say in government forever. Dont forget that Arabs, Christians, and Jews were under martial law in Isreal and being pushed around by British Military leadership. The Arabs in the area at the time had NO issue with the Irgun getting the British out of there until the British started to leave in which the Arabs were pushed by the British leadership to feel as though they were being pushed out. No one asked Arabs in the area to stop doing anything, they simply got pissed that they didnt get anything out of the work that the Zionist did. Until that point they were united in getting the British out, similar to America under British control, no taxation without representation et all.

Everyone knows the King David bombing first off, was a bombing on British intelligence based in the Hotel and further they were told to abandon their post well beforehand. The British didnt take the Irgun seriously, and laughed at the notion of attack from the Irgun and they paid for it. Dont forget about the British capturing any opposition to martial law and hanging them without provocation.