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Hey guys,
I just got my Arkym CF front bumper painted an installed. It took nearly 4 weeks for the bumper to arrive, not too bad considering the amount of work that was put into fabricating this thing. I had it painted at a Crawford Auto Body and Paint in El Paso, TX and they did an amazing job. I thought about having them install if for me however, unfortunately they can't guarantee the work since it is an aftermarket part so I decided to do it myself. I set aside one evening to take the stock bumper off, myself and two friends spent about 2.5 hours removing the bumper and had three or four crown and cokes to keep the nerves at bay! The alcohol is a must. We ended up removing the front wheels because it is the easiest way to get to the screws in the wheel well. Not too bad taking the bumper off, kind of a pain in the butt however, it helps to have friends assist in removing it, in fact it is a must so that you don't damage the OEM bumper.

The Arkym bumper install was not easy but it wasn't very difficult either. If you don't have paitience for "working" CF to fit around corners and over headlights and lining up holes then definitely have someone do it for you. You will need at least three people to assist with the install. You will also have to removed the styrofoam bumper inserts just underneath the kidney frills to install the Arkym, they really don't appear to serve any purpose except to assist in keeping the bumper from buckling in a fender bender, other than that they are pretty much useless. I worried about removing them for a minute but I eventually got over it. You will also need to have one person work the bottom of the bumper and also each side simultaneously in order not to damage or weaken the CF. The most difficult part is squeexing the kidney grills section between the front headlights. I took a spatchela and put some duct tape on it to help pry the bumper in between the grills.

I have to say that the fitment is absolutely amazing!! The look of the car is completely transformed once that bumper is on and I recommend leaving some CF accents on it because it really sets it off. Here are some pics, I took them with my iPhone so they aren't perfect but you will get the point.
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