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Originally Posted by yyoo View Post
But I wouldn't advocate for advanced or even intermediate drivers keeping traction control on.
Personally, the only thing I advocate regarding DSC is educating people on the ramifications, then let people decide on what is comfortable for them. We aren't racing, just enjoying the car and the sport.

The biggest practical drawback of DSC is that it overworks the brakes if you get into it a lot. C5 Corvettes are notorious for cracking rear rotors from overheating due to DSC intervention. I've been tracking a 2006 Cayman S for the last 6 years and they too destroy rear brakes.

The other issue is that until recently, most DSC systems are too intrusive. My Comp Package E46 M3 had the less intrusive DSC but it still sucked so drove with it off. I just bought my E90 so have not had a chance to assess it's DSC. The plus side of an intrusive DSC is that you can use its intrusion as a sign of the cars traction, just as you can use tire squeal and other sensory inputs.

DSC is tool, use it if it is useful to you. Okay, that is what I advocate regarding DSC

Except for LiM3y, for whom I recommending turning off DSC and wearing adult diapers