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Well, to be fair.... Iran's leader calls for Israel to be wiped off the map. So yeah, I'd say that constitutes as a threat. And it IS proven that Iran sponsors terrorism around the world, and they were the driving force of insurgencies in Iraq. So to think that Iran is not a threat is foolish.

Didn't Israel call for an attack on Iran Who is the one these days that is calling for an attack on the other Who is the one who is killing scientists in Iran

I am in no way a fan of Iran but any neutral person with neutral thoughts knows that Israel is not neutral. All the things that Israel complains about of in regards to Iran it does its self. It complains about inspectors not being allowed in to Iran while it bars inspectors from entering and inspecting sites in Israel. It complains that Iran has nuclear weapons while it its self does not allow any inspectors to inspect its sites. The list goes on and on. Other countries in the region have and are allowed to have nuclear energy so why should Iran not be allowed to have it