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Originally Posted by disapr View Post
You're right, Houston is way to wet to DD CUPS. Not sure how you go from cups to vreds though!

The Bridge RE-11 and Yoko AD08 both offer good grip at the track while keeping you on the road when Houston decides to wash you away.
This is where people are going to start calling me a crazy asshole.

I've DD'd cups for over a year and they are not any where near as scary as many claim. If you have a good understanding of your abbility and their capability in the wet, then you'll be fine. It's been raining a lot here in Houston and my current set are nearly bald, which means oppo on demand during my 6:30am drive to work. You just have to understand that in the wet or early morning cold, you can't go 10/10ths (but you're on the road so shouldn't be anyway).

I've gone through two sets and had Nitto NT01s on the car before, and RE-11s before those. I like the Cups, but I'm considering a set of PSS to save about $400 and I haven't made it out to the track as much as I'd like to.

Oh, and my car is my DD. Except for flooding or serious downpours, then I take the Jeep.
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