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I always turn mine off 100% when on the track even in the wet.I do not think this should be the norm for everybody who tracks an M3 as you need to have well developed car control in order to do this safely.That should be a mandatory part of any driver training IMO for anybody who wants to enjoy their M3 at the limit regardless of the conditions.
I did an Audi experiance event this past summer and part of it was skid pad with with car control exersizes on wet plastic.The instructors were telling me that when they conduct these exersizes in Northern climates it usually quite boring as most people have it figured out but in the southern states it is usually quite the opposite and can be quite enertaining.When we were kids with a fresh licence the wintertime was the way to experince driving & car control at the limit at slow speeds with very little grip as wrecking your parents car was not a good thing