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Originally Posted by yyoo View Post
Track insurance is a good idea regardless. DSC won't save you from a mechanical or the bad driving of another.

As for overdriving, your brain and right foot are the first line of defense. And if you acquire good car control skills, they are your second line of defense as well.

I can understand how DSC may give someone peace of mind at the track, but sometimes that's a false sense of security. Laws of physics still apply. If you're going too fast, no driving aid will save you. I remember a couple of Audi events in the rain in which multiple AWD cars wrecked. The mechanical aids helped them go faster in the wet, so when the laws of physics did catch up with them, they were going pretty fast into walls.
I totally agree with you on all points when talking about a reasonably skilled driver. But, I think for the average owner that goes out a few times a year which pretty much guarantees they will not acquire adequate skills due to the limited amount of seat time, then they are much better off leaving DSC on.

So, I think the answer is "depends".