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Traction control at the track?

I see some anxiety here with respect to turning off DSC at the track. So I'm curious as to who uses DSC at the track and why?

One of the great pleasures and benefits of taking a car to the track is to learn car control at speed. Tough to do with DSC on.

Back when I started in HPDE some ten years ago, most instructors recommended turning DSC off. So the only times I've used DSC at the track is on wet days, and even then I sometimes turn it off to practice being smooth.

Has conventional wisdom changed? Is the standard practice to keep traction control on if you're a newbie or even an intermediate driver?

Admittedly, when I started tracking it was in a 220-hp 2001 BMW 330i. The E9x M3 has 200 additional horses. However, if anything, the M3 is easier to control at the limit and, in stock form, has just as much understeer as my old 330i.