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Originally Posted by FrenchBoy View Post
Not to jack the thread, but has anyone installed a Rallye 3 or 4 in a sedan? What would be the best front anchor points? I am thinking the seat rails bolts?

I am planning on installing the Rallye 3 in my sedan. In the process of working out the anchor point at the rear, i.e. getting to the rear seat belt anchor point with minimal damage to trim! I intend using the stock attachment points for the lap belt to keep the belt geometry correct, as opposed to the seat rail bolts. The stock bolts have enough tolerance to accept the bolt-in eyes (discussed with Schroth).

I was advised away from the Rallye 4 by Scroth due to concerns with the seat back strength and the angle of the straps causing too much compression. However, having one strap in the rear will not have the same lateral "stability" as two straps as in the Rallye 4.