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Originally Posted by m3heaven View Post
While I don't agree about Long not offering the free installation I can vouch that KW has indeed raised their prices very recently. You can ask any vendor on the forum.
Originally Posted by ********** View Post
I'm sorry to hear about your experience and I can confirm that KW did in fact increase pricing early Feb. for 2012. We are an authorized dealer for KW and can install them at our facility as well so feel free to drop me a PM and I'd be more than happy to help you guys out.

Even though I think a company should stick to its quotes, especially where, as here, we went over them several times and there was no ambiguity as to the make or model of my car or the part that i was requesting, you can see that I agreed (hesitantly) to move forward with the agreement and deal with the ridiculous markup, which in a best case scenario was a very bad mistake on his part, or in the worst case scenario it was done intentionally to get out of a deal that wasn't going to make them much.

I appreciate that those who are familiar here with KW pricing are saying that there was a price hike sometime in early february. Can anyone confirm that the price hike occured after February 17th (the date of my first conversation with Long)? The 17th doesn't exactly strike me as early february. But all that aside, can anyone confirm that the price hike was $650 ? If anyone can vouch for that amount or that date, please let me know.

But again, I was (begrudgingly) willing to eat that price hike and deal with Long renegging on a quote. I was still going to move forward. What really bothered me was that rather than give me the installation for free as he had originally promised - or even assuming he never promised me that (which he did), that he didn't say "okay in the name of righting a wrong and customer service I'll give you the install for free" - he went out of his way to tack on installation.

Clearly, I'm frustrated. And I apologize to everyone here for showing my frustration. But that's just not right. I can't recommend LTBMW to anyone here. Your business is only as good as your word, and LTBMWs word has no value.

- esquire

p.s. I appreciate everyone's empathy.

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