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Exclamation BMW M3 CRT Delivery and Review. No. 26 of Only 67 Made

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My BMW M3 CRT Delivered!

My initial review (translated by 33CV):

Quick review since the car is still under break in period (1,900km break in, 170km/h max speed, 5,500 revs max). Apparently the engine is limited during this period, according to the sales guy. I have driven 600km up to now.

Official specs and info on the M3 CRT @

  • Between the engine with 450hp and the custom exhaust, the sound is incredible. I have the impression that it's more noticeable inside than outside (you can feel vibrations under the seat!).
  • Getting going in 1st or 2nd gear you can already tell that it's not a normal M3.
  • The color (matte grey paint) is magnificent. I was afraid of how it might come out, and I wasn't the only one, but everybody thinks it's great.
  • The chassis seems to have been custom tuned...the car has impressive stability even on fast curves. To be confirmed on the track in mid March.
  • The seats are great, both in design and seating position. And the rear passengers love them too.

  • The shocks can be adjusted for shock and rebound, I have to try out different settings since right now the smallest imperfection in the road is felt.
  • It's impossible to be discreet in this car. Even if the exterior mostly is, you can hear it coming from far away and the brakes are even sometimes audible
  • (competition pads?)

  • For the time being, mostly positive.
  • The magic of the e90 m3 is preserved, even augmented. You really have the impression that it's a special car (especially the alcantara steering wheel and the steering feel!)
  • I don't regret anything but I'll wait for the break in period to be over before giving you a full review.

M3 CRT track results from the Autobild Ultimate BMW M Model Track Shootout

Autobild Shootout Sachsenring lap time
BMW M3 GTS (on semi-slicks)1:37.30
BMW M3 CRT1:38.87
BMW F10 M5 (driven by Claudia Hürtgen. Other cars were driven by Autobild drivers)1:38.90
BMW 1M Coupe1:40.18
BMW M3 Coupe DCT1:40.52
BMW M3 Sedan DCT1:40.60
BMW M3 Convertible DCT1:42.63
BMW X6 M 1:43.67
BMW X5 M1:43.72
BMW E60 M51:43.77

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