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Originally Posted by biggynuts01 View Post
Hi guys, im a new M3 owner. I swapped an 08 Cayman S for a 08 M3 with 38k miles. This is gonna be my commuter car. I will put on approximately 15k-17k miles a year. I would like to hear from other M3 commuters on see who has the most miles and what types of repairs where necessary to keep the car running.

Is there anyone with over 100k miles on there cars yet?
Ok let me ask..since no one has...why would you want an M3 to use like this and put this many miles on.. The gas alone will KILL you...not to mention you drive the value of the car into the ground..think this over.

I get 180 miles (city) out of a tank of gas.. highway you will fare better ofcourse...but if you do the math..thats still going get really expensive for you...especially with gas predicted to hit $5 a gallon by this summer.