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Very Interesting...I wanted to get my spring install with LTBMW.. but realized when i was at the meet i was a little hesitant on doing it... Im pretty sure he was probably looking at the V3's price LOL... so the easy excuse is a price hiked.... i could understand that he needs to stick with the new price hiked.. and props to OP for sticking with it... im sure it was an honest mistake but shit tell the customer the truth and im sure the OP knows exactly how much the suspension cost in the beggining.... i know its BS but it would have been better if he said it upfront and told you the truth... and since they made a mistake... i would have offered the installation and sticked with it.. but charging you more with that and saying take it or leave it.. LOL fawk that... good thing you left it... little things like this will not make me do business with them...

if i ever do it... i suggest to go with MRF Engineering... Contact Malek... not sure if he can get you the parts but if you want any work done to you car hes the best guy to go to...
Didn't they install the upside down StopTechs and loose brake lines?

EAS & IND has always treated me great!