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I have driven 600km up to now.

"Between the engine with 450hp and the custom exhaust ... mostly positive."
Even this moderate initial reaction confirms M's enthusiasm for this project.

"Getting going in 1st or 2nd gear you can already tell that it's not a normal M3."
This is something I'm most interested in. Personnel comments describe a huge difference in low/bottom torque, much better than stock. Hard to believe the seemingly small engine upgrade has such a significant effect. Nice.

"The color (matte grey paint) is magnificent."
Again - this tracks comments exactly. Evidently in person the car is stunning, and not like the other frozen colors.

"The chassis seems to have been custom tuned"
It definitely is. Both hardware and software were specifically reviewed and reworked/upgraded for this specific package.

"To be confirmed on the track in mid March."
Very envious of this. It will be a longer wait for others, I am sure ...

"The seats are great, both in design and seating position. And the rear passengers love them too."
They look even better in person? That is the reaction.

"it's impossible to be discreet in this car."
I can't see this as a negative in any way!

"The magic of the e90 m3 is preserved, even augmented. You really have the impression that it's a special car (especially the alcantara steering wheel and the steering feel!)"
Confirms M's position that this car is their best effort. Something unique.

"I have driven 600km up to now."
You've got some work to do. Hurry!!!