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Originally Posted by 1Sleeper View Post
Targa Newfoundland looks fantastic. The Mille Miglia looks awesome too but that means buying a vintage car as well. The Targa Newfoundland may be a "must do" for me. Bull Run altogether different program but based on the write up the OP did about last years, it looks pretty epic.
i went on Miglia, 3x gumball 3000's and also on bullrun 2011. Bullrun is an amazing week and will definatly be one of the best weeks of your life. Bullrun compared to gumball has a lot more small luxuries believe it or not. Bullrun had a roped off VIP area everynight with bottle service included for us... on gumball expect to be paying $16 for a bottle of beer. Bullrun also had a much better group of people than gumball. I have made some amazing friends on gumball but overall i felt everyone on bullrun were much closer and more on the same page. gumball attracts an amazing mix of people from all over the globe, from sheks, rich euros, washed up celebs, russian gangsters among a bunch of other random people... there are a lot of dick heads though. Pretty much everyone on bullrun was cool.

For those worried about the "Risk" it is not necessary to balls out the entire rally. In our car we mostly cruised around 80mph and went up to 130ish when on back road straight aways. We did speed, but we kept it safe and we actually placed very well over all because we didnt have to worry about getting pulled over. we actually didnt even get a single speeding ticket.

i know drake personally and can vouch he is a cool guy. if anyone from the board is considering taking him up on this and wants a second opinion or more info on the event, feel free to hit me up.