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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
Didn't they show them scavenging from other cars at one point. But that's not what you should be asking, you should be asking where are they getting gas that's not deteriorated to be worthless.
Gas only deteriorates so far. If they aren't concerned about grade of fuel and etc, they are fine. Cars work in parts of the world that we don't even know what quality or age the gas is, so their gas out of the gas tanks in the US is nothing to worry about, even degraded, it's still going to be pretty decent.

Also, just think how much gasoline is in boats!!! there would be 3+ car gas tanks worth in most boats. And most boat gasoline is alcohol free (most) and as a result degrades less. (I realize they are in the middle of nowhere, but i'm just speaking from a fuel standpoint)