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I will continue to watch every episode, but I admit my enthusiasm drops a little each Sunday evening.

Its sort of like Sopranos for me. Near the end, I was still religiously watching, but with each roll of the credits I was a little more disappointed. My friends and I just kept waiting for the inevitable war between the Tony and the NY crew. And each week, we were still waiting.

Even after the Vito storyline with Vito and his lover laying by a lake in front of their Harleys....I still watched.

Now, The Walking Dead has not had it's Vito/facepalm moment yet. Not even close. But like many others, Im ready to get the adventure moving along. Any post-apocalyptic story is ultimately about adventure, discovery, etc. And we've been at the farm just a bit too long, imo.

Yes, in a real life situation, the farm would be a destination point for any worthy survivor. But that doesn't necessarily make good TV. Its time to take the characters out of their comfort zone (the farm) and put them back into survivor/nomadic mode. Even though there is a lot of tension between the characters and their respective sub-groups, they seem just a bit too comfortable when the world is crumbling around them.