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Originally Posted by Archiebabes View Post
I know your sceen name looks familiar.

You're on Evoxforums a lot correct?
I'm not sure if Evoxforums is sub-forum of Evom, but I was on Evom alot. I had an Evo 8, and until I sold the car and all the parts off the forum, I frequented Evom site.

there's another member here with a AW E90 from NY that was also a former EvoM member.

I remember your Evo 8, it was drool-worthy. I recall you had a white Evo 8 with a 9 bumper, bride seats, volks, and lots of other goodies. I understand you sold it and got an Evo 9 or Evo 10 right? It was around that time when I bought my M3 and "left" EvoM.

But anyways, your Fire Orange is just pure sex. I love the color and wish I had the opportunity to purchase a FO E90. A member in Hawaii is the only one in US with a FO E90.

Anyways, welcome.