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Originally Posted by AMPowerJ View Post
The more I read, the more I read that you really need a 6-point harness with a cage. Period! Anything else is doing it halfway and *may* cause more harm in an accident than just using the 3-point OEM belt and airbags.

I read about 4-point harnesses putting pressure on your internal organs (never good), etc. And the classic one about if the roof caves in your head gets to try to stop it. (not something I want to try).
The maddening thing is that most evidence one way or another seems to be anecdotal. With my mostly stock M3 and based on my previous experience, I think my risk of rolling the car at speed is very small. The tracks I run at seem to have engineered their run-off areas for sliding, not rolling (but what do I know, really).

I realize I am definitely taking a risk by running a street car on track, harness or no harness. I would definitely be interested in buying a harness and trying it out at least once.

A rollcage is very dangerous in a street car, if you have an accident on the street (without a helmet) your head has a very good chance of hitting it and that can be deadly.

This weekend at VIR I am going to try the trick to lock the seat belt and see how that works out while using my Hybrid Pro Rage.
It works, but you will need to slide the seat very very much backwards initially, to the point you can no longer touch the pedals. Then after you slide it forward, you can get an extra increment of locking by adjusting the seat back to be more vertical. Only this way will you remove all the slack from the seatbelt, to a sufficient degree that it won't unlock itself during some intense moments on track.

Do you have a CG-Lock device? It helps even more, since it locks the lower portion of the seatbelt in place, so that only the upper portion has slack.

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