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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
You can use the back seats with the Ralleye's...the tail strap and shoulder straps can be disconnected. You can stow the shoulder straps by shoving them under the front seat, you'll understand if you get them. QUOTE]

One of my big interests in getting the Quickfits is that they are HANS compatible. I don't belive the Ralleyes are. Sure, we could use the Safety Solutions restraint but I'd rather use the HANS.

If only Schroth would issue a definitive yes or no.
There is something going on with the testing of these harnesses, since that is what we have been told is where the manufacturers are for quite some time.

When I rang up, I asked about installing the Profi ASM, which is similar to the proposed QuikFit. In working through my best choice, they asked me if I had a roll cage or harness bar, and then they asked me if I have a fixed back seat. I said the car was completely stock, so the Schroth (MA) guy recommended that I go with the Rallye 3 and specifically referred to the potential issue with the seat back and the strap angles. This is a concern particularly as I am a long bodied 6'3", so my shoulders sit above the seat back any way.

Asking about installation, you can use stock bolts rather than needing extended ones. I wanted the Hans option too, but the Safety Solutions option might be the only choice.