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Originally Posted by DrakeKemper View Post
I never said it was ME doing 100 in a 35, most of the highspeeds are in the middle of nowhere. It was indeed in the middle of nowhere in the mountians of CO when he got caught. Yes, it was stupid and reckless of him, he'll admit that, but that doesn't mean everything on the bullrun and every driver doing everything is reckless.

lol, trying to act all innocent,

These excerpts from your 2011 Bull Run story - was that not you driving?

great read though!

Originally Posted by DrakeKemper
Super sharp corners, negative camber, fast straights, it was a blast. And passing BullRunners that have no track experience on a road that is like a race track? Like shooting Fish in a Barrel. Oh, and taking corners at 1**MPH with a full fuel cell in your trunk? Like driving with rear tires made from soap. Before you know it we were running with the main pack, but Claus was nowhere to be seen.
Originally Posted by DrakeKemper
Out of the middle of nowhere, Instant on K-Band, we are all ready for it, pass the cop at 95, we know he is going to come out and nab someone, but he doesn't. Waiting for someone faster.
Originally Posted by DrakeKemper
By the time the pack passed me, I was already out of the car, feet shoulder width apart, and my hands behind my back (We were very well in the lead). I talked to the cop for about 20 minutes, before he reaches in his car... my heart stops... cuffs? I was sweating, I've never been to jail and never want to be arrested. He reached in his car... and takes 2 photographs of me. "Incase I run?", I ask? He replies, "I just wanted to get a good picture of that shirt". I look down to remember that I'm wearing Penguin Footy Pajamas pulled down, tied around my waist, Pink Teddy Bear shoes, and a black shirt. A black shirt that appropriately reads "Hello Officer".
The cop was very nice to me ticket wise, Yes I got a ticket, but it wasn't the one I deserved.
Originally Posted by DrakeKemper
County roads with very low traffic, meant a very high speed. Okay, not NASCAR speeds, but 85MPH on some twisties. We approach a white Durango going 75 in a 55, I don't think twice to pass it, pop into the left lane, gun it, pull back over and Red and blue lights appear in my rear-view mirror. An undercover cop. I tone it down to 65

Funny how this thread turned from a request for a co-pilot to a speed bashing thread.

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