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Originally Posted by DrakeKemper View Post
I never said it was ME doing 100 in a 35, most of the highspeeds are in the middle of nowhere. It was indeed in the middle of nowhere in the mountians of CO when he got caught. Yes, it was stupid and reckless of him, he'll admit that, but that doesn't mean everything on the bullrun and every driver doing everything is reckless.
Look, are you really so unintelligent that you don't understand the difference between playing Russian roulette with a 100 round chamber vs 6, pointing it at your arm vs your head, and pointing it at yourself vs someone else? Know the risks of what you are doing, and as we say in finance, understand the "fat tail" when things go wrong (in other words, what's the worst that can happen when the shit hits the fan).

There's a huge difference between doing something a little risky, and doing something that at least to an outside observer, seems like hitting the freeway sporting a .3 BAC. Yeah, maybe you can get away with for a while, but sooner or later something bad is bound to happen, and under similar events like what was in last year's blog, could be something really bad that ends up with someone dead, someone innocent dead, and/or someone in jail for a long time (given that some the actions seem like premeditated felony).

Sounds like this event fits the bill nicely.
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