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Originally Posted by swartzentruber View Post
You are probably right, but I suppose one can at least point out that if anything serious ever did happen, like an accident that involved killing an innocent, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine an ambitious local prosecutor turning it into a manslaughter charge and putting someone away for many years. Yeah, I read the report from last year, and yeah, it sounds like fun, but it's also irresponsibility at the level of something usually ends up going badly (fatally) wrong, and ends up resulting in states and/or Congress passing draconian laws that end up impacting all of us. Also, it's getting harder and harder to be anonymous doing things like this.
My same 2 concerns. It is one thing if you are driving fast and wreck, another if you do so and hurt someone else, and a whole other can of worms if you do so while partaking in some underground race rally. The prosecutor and victim will OWN you (see Hulk Hogan's asshole son as an example).

The 2nd is the selfish one but more realistic. Bunch of rich guys in fancy cars wreck in a spectacular fashion and next thing you know the politicians get ahold of it and life gets really ugly for the next random guy to get caught speeding.

Still sounds fun but I could NEVER, EVER entertain partaking in something like this on public roads in this country.