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Hello there. I am a new M3 owner. I have a 2011 E92 without iDrive, Nav, or Bluetooth. Heck I don't even have Homelink to control my garage doors!

I wish the previous owner had ponied up the money to get these but oh well. In my center console, all I have is an AUX input, NO USB. I have figured out how to listen to my iPod but it is such a pain, not to mention dangerous, to reach back and flip through songs, playlists, etc. I really want to be able control my iPod with the steering wheel or at least buttons on the radio. I would also like Bluetooth and Homelink capability. Navigation would be nice but not a must. I have a iPhone 4S and an iPod classic. I need my phone with me at all times but can leave the iPod in the car.

I am willing to pay almost anything to have these (within reason).

Do you guys have ANY suggestions?!

Please help!