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M3 vs. F430

Yesterday, I was cruising down a deserted stretch of road somewhere in a hilly part of Mexico, when I came upon a red F430. Looked very purposeful, classic red with caramel interior and I think an aftermarket exhaust, because it sounded absolutely spellbinding. Had the F1 gearbox if not mistaken.

All I wanted was to get a closer look but he took it as an invitation to play, so I willingly obliged. It was of course faster than the M3, I was losing what seemed like 1 carlength every 5-6 seconds, plus another 1/2 car on upshifts. Needless to say these are approximate, I was paying attention to the road and the possibility of federales.

We then slowed down, I opened up the window and he gave it a bootfull of revs so I can sample the glorious noise, then I returned the favor just for fun. That's where our little game ended, as we closed in on traffic and it made no sense to continue.

Bella macchina. Speaks to my inner child.

F360s seem to start around $55k, F430 at well over $100k. An F360 would be attainable (...just...), but according to the recent EVO guide it is more fragile and maintenance-intensive than the F430. I wonder if the F430 is still going to go down in price in the next few years...

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