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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post


This event sounds fun and i'm sure the camaraderie and stories are great, but because of speed and everything that is involved, I could never do it either.

I'm ignorant in the matter, and previously on m3post, a member posted his detailed account of participating in bull run (that was you OP) which was a great read - but some crazy things involved that I wouldn't dare do. lol

Bull Run 2011, The Full Story:

So what happens for those that get caught by the cops? Do they loose their license? jail time? high fines? Do they shrug it off and say it was all for the lols? Curious as to the untold story of what happens to them, like the friend you just mentioned who the cop caught doing 135 mph.

Yes, what Nick did was reckless, I'll admit that.

But 100 on the highway with no one around? How is that reckless? You're telling me you've never done that?

Some of them go to jail for 2 hours until being bailed out, but mostly just high fine tickets. Then again, there is usually like 10 cops and 100 cars, so if you're smart, you can usually get away clean.
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