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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Looking forward to watching this beast on track, racing. Well done
Thanks our first race is May 12-13th at blackhawk farms. We will be sure to post up when our races are if you would like to come out.

Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
Awesome cage! I like how the driver's side uses Nascar doors for added protection, but the passenger side doesn't. I assume this was to save some weight instead of retaining symmetry?
Thanks Alex. The driver side was nascar for driver protection but since we will not have any passengers and no extra room was needed in the cabin the passenger side was made as an X.

Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
Great build out, I love it!

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
badass cage!
Thank you

Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Can't wait to see this car on the track, what's your target for your first race weekend? Blackhawk?

flip - On the cages I've had, I want that side to be able to give a little more than the driver's side in an impact to slow the decel, you don't have that option on the driver's side where preventing intrusion into the cockpit is the primary concern. You can actually probably save some more weight by adding a NASCAR bar on the passenger side even with the additional bars because the rules typically allow you to gut the door when you do a NASCAR bar. But on this car they're going to be running like 150lb of lead to make weight so I bet it wasn't an issue?

This is the place for this thread, that "hey look we bolted on a bunch of catalog parts" forum is fun to look at but not exactly motorsports-focused
Yep our first weekend will be at blackhawk but we will be going out to autobahn before hand to do some laps. We also might be doing one special race this year. All depends, but we have one free entry to world challenge and since there is a class were T2 cars fall in we may be doing one race.

We originally had an x-brace on our e46 m3 passenger side but the door was gutted so we either had to build a nascar style door bar or find a door that has not been gutted. So we opted for the Nascar but on the E92 we decided on keeping the x-brace and the door together. We will have some more pictures to show later too.

Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
Definitely good information! Thanks!

What I love about VS Motorsports is that amongst all the vendors in the industry, they are one of the few shops that are actually involved in motorsports, sponsor cars, and race their own. It truly does set them apart from the others.

Every time I take my own car there, their vast track experience is very apparent when they are able to provide good advice about products and car setup.

I can't wait to see this beast on some of the local tracks! Keep it up VSM!
Thanks Alex! Glad we are able to have you as a customer!

Originally Posted by mkPOTO View Post
amazing job as usual cant wait to stop by today and check it out!
Thanks Mark! Your car is going to look good with a half cage you might have to get one too.