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Texas World Speedway - CCW - Feb 19

I made it to TWS this past Sunday. Track was a bit wet at start, and temperatures were kind of low. The first session was pretty slippery. By the 4th session, track had dried up nicely and the temps were in the 60's, so I was able to drive with a lot of confidence.

My instructor didn't have a chatterbox, so I didn't get a lot of on track instruction, which I think worked out pretty well, because we really only focused on 2 parts of the track - 1/2 and 13/14.

For 1/2, I typically did some braking on the banking of the front straight and then some more when I got to the yellow square. My instructor this time had me carry as much speed as I felt comfortable with (i.e. no braking) coming off banking, brake once car settled on the flat portion and then back on gas before turn-in into 2. I still struggled to consistently get to the Apex at 2, but overall I carried a whole lot more speed and used a lot more of the track exiting 2 then I had in the past.

For 13/14, I typically braked at the outside of track and then turned into 13, put 4 wheels on the patch and then tried to slightly late apex 14 to set up 15 and the front straight. Problem is I never seemed to get to apex at 14. This instructor had me brake a lot closer to inside of track (where I noted a lot of brake marks), turn in to 13, and then "saw" the steering wheel hard to get to 14 to set myself up for 15 and front straight. This instruction seemed to work well for me and I probably gained about 5 mph on exit of 15.

Here's some video of a few laps of the last session.